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Cell Phone Policies



Board Policy Adopted:  1/29/03

The William S. Hart Union High School District acknowledges the importance of communication between students and parents, particularly in emergency situations.  Further, the District recognizes that instructional time is precious and school time must be protected from unnecessary disruptions.


Therefore, students may be permitted to have a cell phone in their possession on campus during the school day, while attending school-sponsored activities, or while under the supervision and control of a school district employee.  Students shall be allowed to possess and use cell phones while under supervision of the school with the following parameters:



A.     Cell phones are to be turned off and put away upon arriving to class or before entering any school building.


B.     Authorization for student possession or use of a cell phone may be revoked by the administration for inappropriate student use.


C.     The District assumes no liability for the damage, loss, or misuse of the cell phone by the student or another person.


D.     Students are expected to immediately comply with the direction of any school personnel to cease the use of a cell phone on campus or at a school-sponsored activity.


E.      Failure to comply with this policy may result in the confiscation of cell phones by school personnel.

Legal Reference:                                                                                                                       EDUCATION CODE

48901.5 Electronic signaling devices