Attendance Policies

Attendance Procedures: 

  1. A Blackboard Connect call is sent home when a child is marked absent in a class. 
  2. It is a Parent/Legal Guardian’s responsibility to call, send a parent note or email within 72 hours to clear the absence. All absences not cleared will automatically be recorded as unexcused.  
  3. Please check the Infinite Campus parent portal regularly. If you feel the absence is in error, have your student go to the attendance office to receive an attendance correction form. 
  4. Students with excessive excused absences may be required to provide a doctor’s note. 



Samantha Razo Ext. 127 

Lizbeth Limo Ext. 128  (For Spanish, Ext. 128)

*Due to the high call volume, you can also email 

Email Samantha at [email protected]

Email Lizbeth at [email protected] 

Off-Campus Passes 

  1. Once you have reported to school, you MAY NOT leave (except lunch for authorized juniors and seniors),  without an OFF-CAMPUS PASS. Off campus passes may be obtained by sending a note signed by  parent/legal guardian or an email stating the time and reason the student needs to leave campus. Your student can pick up their pass in the Attendance Office between classes or during their brunch or lunch. This minimizes the constant class interruption. 
  2. A student who leaves campus due to illness must be cleared through the Health Office. . 
  3. Students who leave without an Off-Campus pass are TRUANT. 


As part of our school safety plan, on-time attendance at the beginning of the class is highly valued by the Canyon  High staff and enables students to have the opportunity to benefit from the full class instructional time, and  minimizes disruption of the class. 

In the morning, we encourage students and parents to be aware of traffic patterns on nearby streets when driving to  school. Leaving for school just ten minutes earlier can sometimes help to avoid a twenty-minute (or longer) traffic  delay-- and ultimately help to avoid a first-period tardy. 

  1. Any student not present in the classroom upon the conclusion of the late bell will be marked tardy by the teacher.  Students will be recorded as absent should they arrive 30 minutes late to class according to Education  Code section 48260. 
  2. Tardies are unexcused. 
  3. Beware that an excess of tardies/unexcused absences could result in lunch detention and loss of privileges. Please see the attached policy outline for more information. 
  4. Students who loiter on campus instead of attending class are considered truant. 

Students who are habitually absent may be referred to our school attendance review board (SARB). 

Attendance and Tardy Incentives:

In an effort to promote a positive school climate, we will be rewarding students who have good attendance and who have also demonstrated an improvement in their attendance.  The following will be awarded: 

  1. Quarterly attendance certificates recognizing Perfect Attendance and Most Improved Attendance for the quarter. 
  2. Once a week, we will randomly select a class that has no unexcused absences or tardies to receive a reward. 
  3. Students with no tardies for the week, get entered into a weekly raffle for prizes. 

Off-Campus Lunch Permits/ Student ID’s 

  1. Off-Campus lunch Permits are issued to only eleventh and twelfth graders. Ninth and tenth graders are NOT allowed off campus for lunch. 
  2. Students are required to have their student ID’s on them AT ALL TIMES and they can only leave campus before 3 o’clock with the proper stickers. 
  3. Lost or stolen I.D. cards must be replaced. Should a student lose or forget their ID, they are to report to SRC to get off campus. They cannot leave through the front office. 
  4. Fraudulent use of student ID’s will result in disciplinary action. 
  5. This permit is a privilege and may be revoked due to misconduct or poor attendance/tardies (refer to the Canyon High Privilege  Policy). 
All schools of the William S. Hart district maintain a closed-campus policy. The intent of this policy is to call to the attention of parents/guardians and students the importance of class attendance. It is not our intent to punish students who are ill or have family emergencies.