Attendance Policies

To Clear Your Attendance: 

Email :  [email protected]

(Also include your child's first and last name and grade)

Attendance Procedures: 

  1. A call is sent home when a child is marked absent in a class. 
  2. It is a Parent/Legal Guardian’s responsibility to call, send a parent note or email within 72 hours to clear the absence. All absences not cleared will automatically be recorded as unexcused.  
  3. Please check the Infinite Campus parent portal regularly. If you feel the absence is in error, have your student go to the attendance office to receive an attendance correction form. 
  4. Students with excessive excused absences may be required to provide a doctor’s note. 

Attendance Policy 

The Canyon High School staff believes there is a direct correlation between regular, daily, on time attendance and high achievement. Students with regular on time attendance achieve higher grades, make better connections, enjoy school, and learn positive habits that contribute to a successful personal and post-secondary education and career. 

When the student has excessive absences from a class, the teacher or other staff member may contact the parent through phone, email, or other platforms to make them aware. If excessive excused or unexcused absences continue the counselor or assistant principal may be notified, and a district generated letter will be sent home. Please click HERE to view the district attendance policy.


Please keep the following in mind:

  • When a student is absent from school, the parent/guardian needs to call or email the attendance office on or before the day of the absence (Ms. Limo: 661-252-6110 ext. 128/ [email protected]) If a student is out for 3 or more consecutive days a doctor’s note may be required.
    • If the parent/guardian cannot call or email, the student must bring a signed note from the parent/guardian stating the reason for the absence.
    • Absences not cleared within 5 days will automatically become an unexcused absence.
  • Students signing out early must go through the attendance office.
    • Parents/guardians must present a valid ID and check out their student through the attendance office.
    • Students will not be permitted to meet parents outside of school unsupervised.
  • 11th and 12th grade students may obtain off-campus privileges with a signed parent permission form, and their Canyon High School ID.
  • Students leaving school without permission are considered truant.
  • Students loitering on campus instead of being in class are also considered truant.
    • In addition, students who have truancies are subject to consequences including: loss of privileges, detention, student study team, conference with deputy, and/or attend Student Attendance Review Team meeting (SART), and be placed on an attendance contract. 
    • Students in violation of their attendance contract will attend a Student Attendance Review Board meeting (SARB) with the district attorney. 
    • Parents are encouraged to monitor their student’s attendance by logging onto Infinite Campus on a regular basis. You may also download the Infinite Campus Mobile Portal for your cell phone. Enter William S Hart when asked for the district ID. 

Click HERE to view our chronic absenteeism pyramid

Click HERE to view our CHS Attendance & Tardy Consequence chart


Tardy Policy 

The staff of Canyon High School highly values punctuality. Students that arrive to class on time have the opportunity to benefit from class instruction and minimize class disruption. Excessive tardies will result in detention, Loss of Privileges, and parent conferences, etc. Tardies are recorded by teachers daily. Parents and students may not clear tardies. If students are late to their first period class they should first check in at the front gate and then report straight to class.  Students will be recorded as truant when they are 30 minutes late to a class. 

We encourage students to arrive at school early. Please plan ahead in order to arrive at school on time. Tardies caused by daily traffic are considered to be unexcused. 


Off-Campus Lunch Permits 

All off-campus permits are considered a privilege. 

  • Off-Campus Lunch stickers are issued through the Assistant Principals’ Office. Parents/Guardians are required to sign and date the permit.
  • Only 11th and 12th grade students who have an Off-Campus Lunch Permit and their Canyon High School ID. Underclassmen are not permitted to leave campus during lunch.
  • Lost or stolen I.D. cards must be replaced.
  • Fraudulent use of an ID with an off campus pass will result in disciplinary action.
  • This privilege will be revoked due to misconduct, grades, poor attendance/tardies (please see the loss of privilege criteria), has been placed on a behavior/attendance contract or if your student is on the Loss of Privilege list.
  • Students placed on the Loss of Privileges list will lose their privileges for a minimum of one quarter
    • During the loss of privilege quarter the student will have the opportunity to earn back privileges through improving the identified problematic behavior for the following quarter. 
  • IDs will be checked before students are allowed to leave campus and upon returning to campus. Students may only enter and leave campus through the designated gates at lunch.
  • Students with Open 5th and/or 6th periods will not be allowed to leave at lunch unless they have an Off-Campus Lunch sticker, their Canyon High School ID, and currently not on the LOP. 



The Loss of Privileges (LOP) Policy has been implemented to support student success on our campus. Student Privileges criteria will be checked every quarter (10 weeks): If your student falls under any of the below criteria they will be assigned brunch and/or lunch detention and be placed on the LOP list. Students will need to work with their assigned Assistant Principal or Student Support Specialist to address one or more of the following LOP criteria items: 

  • 10 or more period/global tardies 
  • 10 or more unexcused period/global absences 
  • GPA below a 2.0 
  • School suspensions (in school or out of school suspension)
  • Student contracts (behavior, attendance, etc)
  •  5 times found without a Canyon High School ID card will be placed on the LOP list
    • School ID must be presented at all times in order to enter and leave campus. The 5 star app student picture is acceptable. Please click here for the link. 

NOTE: Students will lose privileges for one quarter and have the opportunity to earn back privileges for the following quarter so long as they are not in violation of the LOP criteria.


11th and 12th graders who lose privileges may not be able to:

    1. Leave campus during lunch. Unless the student has an open 5th and 6th period, allowing students to leave 15 minutes after lunch begins.
    2. Attend rallies during school.
    3. Attend ASB sponsored reward assemblies, field trips and/or events. 
    4. Attend school dances or school activities such as Homecoming, Winter Formal, Prom,
      Athletic Activities and/or Senior Grad Night.
  • If tickets have been purchased for an event, money will not be reimbursed.


9th and 10th graders who lose privileges may not be able to:

  1. Attend rallies during school
  2. Attend ASB sponsored reward assemblies, field trips, and/or events. 
  3. Attend school dances or school activities such as Homecoming, Winter Formal, Prom, other dances and/or athletic activities 

For Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and returning Seniors the last quarter (quarter 4) of the school year will be used to determine Loss of Privileges for Fall of the upcoming school year.