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Mission & Goals

Canyon High School
“The Future Begins Here”
Our mission is to develop responsible citizens who have the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary for either beginning post-secondary education or entering the workforce.

I.      Critical thinkers who ask essential questions, analyze multiple sources, and weigh critical evidence.

II.    Effective communicators who write using precise claims, cohesive structure, and clear points of view.

III.   Creative problem solvers who approach challenges with perseverance and collaborative mindsets.

IV.   Diligent workers who strategically plan and research in order to solve problems conceptually by using models, constructing explanations, and designing solutions.

V.    Academically competent individuals who—whether arguing claims from evidence or constructing solutions to problems—obtain, evaluate, and communicate information efficiently and effectively.

VI.   Technologically proficient students who ethically use resources to organize, analyze, and present data.

VII. Life-long learners prepared for a variety of post-secondary learning and working environments.