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Ways to Manage Stress

    The end of a school year can be a very stressful time. There are many things
that add additional stress, like the thought of going off to college, not being
sure what you are going to be doing after graduation, or hoping you are going
to graduate because a few of your current grades are not where you would
like them to be.
   All of these things are normal fears and concerns, and we would like to remind
you that in times of increased stress, you need to focus a little more energy on
self-care. You really need to pay attention to how well you are eating, make
sure you stay hydrated and try to get some extra sleep.
    You also should think healthy ways to manage stress. Talking with a trusted
individual, taking a walk or a long shower or bath, listening to music or taking
a nap can all give your mind a well-needed mental break. If you have never
tried mindful meditation, this might be the time to start. It just involves
breathing and focusing your attention on things OTHER than what is causing
you to stress. (Check out free app called: STOP, BREATHE & THINK)
    Remember, all adults on campus were once high school students. Please
reach out to a trusted individual if you need to talk. Please stop by the CHS
Counseling Office if you need more information or support.