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Memoirs » Brother Don - class of 1971

Brother Don - class of 1971

Sender Lois (Pickering) Ruskell
Posted On 2009-06-26
Year 1971
Memoir My brother Don Pickering would have been in the first class to go three years at Canyon. It was a brand new school. He died during his senior year from complications from a heart defect and a brain tumor. He was likely the one of the first Canyon High School students to die. While still at Sierra Vista JH, our classes selected the cowboy mascot, the school colors and other original components of the school. I haven't been back since I graduated in 1972. It's probably a whole different town now. It was mostly lightly populated canyons and scrub brush mountain trails. Honby had about 5 houses. My older brother Ed, who also just passed away, worked at Dillenbecks market as a teenager and graduated from Hart High. Except for the earthquake in '71, and the brutal brush fires, it was a nice town to grow up in.

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