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Memoirs » Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston

Sender Zuleena Maggio
Posted On 2009-06-26
Year 1986
Memoir We were having the first ever lip-syncing talent show. I made a fuss about what chicken my friends were for not gettin up to do a song. They then dared me to do it. I agreed and signed up. The day of the ralley they teased my hair, lent me clothes and a cassett. When I walked out the entire class of 1989 was seated and staring down at the gym floor where I stood alone, white girl trying to do a mean Whitney Houston's "How will I know". I got cotton mouth from nerves so badley that I began doing funny stuff with my mouth trying to get moisture in it. Needless to say I didn't win anymore than allot of laughs from class mates & friends, but to this day people still say how that took guts for someone who hates to be the center of attention to have done it. Glad I won the bet!!!!!!!!!!!

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