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CHS: 053-341
COC: 004-117
Counseling Department Staff
Vanessa Vonrhein - Counseling Secretary
Ina Trapani A – Cha
Jibri Hodge Che – Gom
Olga Lavalle Gon – Kra & EL students
Voula Devoe Kre – Ocam
Shari Smith Ocho – San
Kim Goller Sao – Z

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Welcome to Canyon Counseling
Are you planning on going to COC for the fall? Then of course you know that you will need to take TWO placement tests before you go, right? Yes, one is math and one in English. For more information go to:
Recommendation Letters
You must ask 2 weeks prior to due date.
If you are asking a counselor for a letter you may ask your alpha counselor ONLY.
Senior class rank closes on February 28th of every school year.  College of the Canyons courses taken during the winter session will be included in 1st semester. You must have a 4.0 or above total cumulative GPA by the end of 1st semester in order to graduate in white.