Athletics » COVID UPDATES 2020-2021


Participation is voluntary for all athletes, coaches and staff. Non-participation will NOT have a negative impact on the student athlete or staff member in any way. All who take part will be asked to sign a form acknowledging they are there voluntarily, and will need to provide a self-certification screening.


All athletes will need to complete the following items before being able to voluntarily participate:

  1. Complete the Athletic Clearance paperwork online at CLICK HERE

  2. Turn in a valid sports physical form (file at the bottom of the page) by attaching it to 

  3. Complete the COVID liability form (file below) and attach it to

  4. Completion of daily Crisis Go Health Screening.

Observer Information
  • All spectators must be checked in
  • Spectators can only be from the athletes immediate household
  • Each athlete is allowed up to 4 spectators at this time
  • If guidelines change, we will communicate with you
  • At table, check-in with ID to verify that you are on the list
  • At gate, show completed Crisis Go Green QR Code
Safety plans are attached below.